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Eon Essay Contest - Prompts and Samples

Find various questions for Eon Essay Contest. See also Eon Essay Contest examples in several paragraphs.

Eon Essay Contest - Prompts

  1. What motivated you to commit to the eon essay contest?
  2. How did you go about choosing your topic?
  3. What challenges did you face while researching your topic?
  4. What special knowledge or skills do you think are essential for writing an effective eon essay?
  5. How well do you understand eons of time and the universe as a whole?
  6. Do you have any personal opinions on current scientific theories related to eons of time and the universe?
  7. What themes or concepts do you believe are most important to explore in an essay about the eon experience?
  8. What inspired you to enter the eon essay contest?
  9. What encouraged you to put your best foot forward and submit an essay?
  10. How did you go about researching and writing your essay?
  11. What theme or topics were you particularly interested in exploring when writing your essay?
  12. Was it difficult to come up with a topic that captured your attention and was relevant to today's society?
  13. Did you feel like you succeeded in presenting your argument convincingly and in a dignified manner?
  14. What did you learn from writing this essay, both good and bad?
  15. What inspired you to enter the Eon Essay Contest?
  16. How have you developed your writing skills over time?
  17. What are your thoughts on technological advancement and its impact on society?
  18. What are some of the biggest challenges facing our global society today?
  19. Do you think advances in technology will lead to increased human happiness or instead increased levels of consumerism and stress?
  20. How has the world changed in the past decade, and how will it change next decade?
  21. What are some opportunities and challenges facing business in the next decade?
  22. How has technology impacted both individuals and societies over the last decade?
  23. What are some environmental concerns that businesses should be aware of in the next decade?
  24. What inspired you to create an eon?
  25. What motivates you to keep working on eon?
  26. What do you hope to achieve with eon?
  27. What draws you to the community around eon?
  28. How has your perspective on coding changed since you started working on eon?
  29. What are your long term goals for eon?

Eon Essay Contest - Samples (paragraph as prompt)

The forest surrounding the town is a vast and beautiful place. The trees tower overhead, reaching up to the sky with their graceful branches. The undergrowth is thick and the ground is covered in a carpet of moss. The forest is a peaceful place, and it is a favourite spot for adventurers to rest and recover from their travels.

The forest surrounds me, the trees stretching up to the sky. Their leaves rustle in the light breeze, and the sound is a sharp contrast to the silence that pervades the forest. I can feel the rough bark of the trees under my hands as I walk, and the scent of the forest is heavy in the air. I can hear the sound of the river flowing nearby, and the rustle of the leaves is the only other sound that can be heard.

The sun was setting behind the mountains, casting a warm glow on the city below. The fires in the citizens' homes gave off a pleasant smell, and the sound of laughter and conversation was heard from many of the buildings. It was a perfect day to be alive.

Welcome to the essay contest! The contest is open to students in the United States and Canada. Winning entries will be selected based on their originality and writing skills. This contest is designed to give students the opportunity to improve their writing skills and to have fun while doing so. We hope you will participate and submit your best work. Thank you for your time and consideration.

The mountains loom tall and imposing in the distance, casting a cool and austere presence over the land. The trees, neatly arranged in rows, extend a green canopy over the landscape. The river meanders lazily through the valley, its surface mirroring the tranquil tranquility of the surrounding countryside.

It was a fashionable suburb of the city. With Tudor-era houses and manicured lawns, it seemed like a peaceful oasis in the bustle of the city. However, the peace was deceptive. The suburb was home to a sect of witches who conducted dark rituals in their homes. No one knew exactly what they did, but it was clear that it was not good. The police were never able to catch the witches, and they were always one step ahead. It was a dangerous place to live, and no one wanted to be there.

The autumn leaves are falling gently to the ground, their vibrant oranges, yellows, and reds blending together in a carpet of color. The trees are barren now, the leaves stripped from their branches by the brisk winds. The leaves are the first sign of winter, a time of hope and change.

The rolling hills of Tennessee offer a stunning backdrop to the state's rich history and natural beauty. A few miles west of the Appalachian Mountains is the Cumberland Plateau, which dominates the landscape.

The vast, open expanse of the sky is a true wonder to behold. The sun, planets, and stars look so close and so tiny against the vastness of space. It is impossible to imagine how big everything is. Every day, I am awed by the beauty of the world and I can't help but feel grateful for all the opportunities that have allowed me to see and experience so much.

The vast and open landscape of the desert stretches out in all directions, seeming to go on forever. The sun is setting, casting a beautiful orange and red glow across the sky. The wind is blowing, leaves and small branches slapping against one another in the breeze. It is a beautiful evening, one that I am sure I will never forget.

Curled up in a ball on my bed, I sobbed my eyes out. No matter how many times I tell myself it's not real, it feels like my heart is being ripped out each time I think of him. I miss the way his laugh felt, the way his hand felt when it was stroking my hair. It hurts more than anything to think that I'll never feel that way again.

The Dickinson School of Law is a prestigious private law school located in Philadelphia. The campus is sprawling and situated on a hill overlooking the city. The school has a strong history and traditions, and is known for its rigorous curriculum and competitive admissions process. The school has a strong commitment to diversity, and boasts a significant minority enrollment.

Saint Augustine said: "The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven or a hell." The journey of an individual through life is one of exploration, of learning, of growth. It is a never-ending journey that can take many different forms. Some people explore the world around them by travelling, others by learning new things, still others by talking to people from different cultures.

The rolling hills of the Ashdown Forest stretch out before me, their graceful contours offering a tranquil retreat in the midst of a busy city. The forest's deep blue-green colors contrast sharply with the bright yellow of the mustard flowers that bloom in profusion throughout the meadow. The soft chirping of the birds and the rustling of the leaves provide a tranquil background to my walk, and I am soothed by the sense of peace and serenity that the forest provides.

The day was clear and crisp, the sun shining brightly in the sky. The temperature was perfect, not too hot or cold. The children were out playing on the playground, their laughter ringing through the air. The parents were out grocery shopping, and the grandparents were upstairs resting. It was a typical, everyday day.

People who live in the city always complain about the noise. They say that it's impossible to have a conversation without shouting because of the constant sounds of cars and buses. I have never found this to be the case. When I moved to the city, I never had a problem communicating with my friends. We would go out for dinner and drinks, and I never had to raise my voice to be heard. The city is actually very quiet at night. I often find myself sleeping through the sound of traffic.

The Rosenfeld Art Gallery is a historic art gallery located on the campus of the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado. The gallery was founded in 1932 as the art department of the University of Colorado, and is one of the oldest art galleries in the state. The gallery exhibits a broad range of art from the Mediterranean, Asia, and the Americas, with a focus on modern and contemporary art.

The sky over the city was a brilliant blue, and the sun was shining brightly. The warm weather was perfect for a day of hiking. The trails were well-maintained and easy to follow. Almost everyone who visited the city enjoyed a hike through the parks. The city had a variety of trails, each with its own unique scenery. The trails were open to the public, and there were never any lines. Anyone could join in the hike, no matter how tired they were. The parks were a perfect place to spend a day. The weather was warm and the trails were easy to follow. There was never any traffic, and it was easy to find a place to sit and rest. The parks were a great place to relax and take in the natural beauty of the city.

The hall had been decorated for the Christmas party. The evergreen tree was decorated with shiny silver balls, each one with a tiny red ribbon tied around it. The walls were covered with colorful posterboard, and the ceiling was lit up with multicolored LED lights. The tables were covered in red and green tablecloths, and there were several long branches of mistletoe hanging from the ceiling.

Karen walks silently through the forest, the sounds of nature all around her. She can hear the sound of birds chirping, the rustle of leaves, and the roar of the waterfall. She feels peaceful here, surrounded by nature. She takes a deep breath and savors the fresh, clean air.

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